Online store plugin for parcel delivery in Switzerland

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Ideal for all online stores that send parcels within Switzerland*.

Planzer Parcel e-commerce plugin for content management systems

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*We collect your parcels every weekday between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm to deliver to your customers

Plugin and go

‘Planzer Parcel Service & Plugin’ is as straightforward as it sounds: you install the plugin into your WooCommerce (WordPress), Shopify or Peppershop (available soon) e-commerce solution. You can now send your online store parcels up to 30 kg via our Swiss parcel service.

We collect your parcels daily on working days by appointment. Incidentally, we primarily store, pick, pack and transport goods within Switzerland. And 60% travel by eco-friendly rail.

Logistics, IT and B2C expertise, cleverly combined

Planzer Parcel is exactly what you need for your online store: quick collection, punctual delivery, friendly end customer contact, an all-round unparalleled delivery experience.

We deliver parcels of various sizes up to 30 kg to your recipient’s door in Switzerland – by the following evening and in person. Unless you would like something quicker or more specific. Interesting additional options let you tailor the delivery to your customer’s wishes.

To provide this outstanding B2C service, we combine our decades of experience in transport and logistics with new technologies and maximum e-commerce efficiency.

Unmatched service, from depot to doorbell